Mechanical Traction


This technology is safe and pain free and is helpful in reducing the pain, numbness and weakness associated with herniated disc and spine joint disease in both neck and low back.

Patients are given a thorough exam and diagnosis. Some conditions and patients are not candidates – our doctor will make that determination. Treatments are done fully clothed. The treatment is inherently safe, well tolerated, and without complications.

What is Mechanical Intermittent Traction system?

- Mechanical Intermittent Traction is a non-surgical treatment directed at relieving pressure on structures that may be the major source of pain.

How does it work?

- Mechanical Intermittent Traction helps relieve pain through decompression of lumbar or cervical discs and joints. This cyclical, painless stretching reduces pressure and promotes blood and fluid flow. This helps improve healing naturally.

Can Mechanical Intermittent Traction work for you?

- Much of the common cause of back and neck pain is mechanical compression – Decompression can focus its effect at the source of the pain. If you are experiencing neck, back or radiating pain you should seriously consider Mechanical Intermittent Traction Treatment

- Mechanical Intermittent Traction treatments are painless and often very relaxing. It is designed around patient comfort.